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The main goal of any Web Hosting and Web designing company is to secure the personal information and personal data of any customer and client. WinsHosting is providing the best privacy structure for their customers and clients and also try its best to secure your personal data from outer world. Every company’s privacy policies are different from each so our policy is also different from all other companies who deal in Web Hosting, Web Designing or Development and Domain registration. Privacy and Policy may also be change time to time according to the latest condition and environment of that product. To connect with us or to better understanding of our service in the field of Website Development, Web Hosting and others, you must have to review our privacy and policy one time.

Personal Data or Information Collection

As everyone now that to get a website hosting plan and ccTLDs (Country Code Top Level domain names) you should have to provide the personal information like your full Name, original Contact number, your permanent address, your current address, your e-mail address, your company name and your CNIC copy or Number. Sometime you have to provide us your Debit/Credit care information for some transactions that’s why WinsHosting assure you to keep your personal information and personal data secure. These information is collected for creating your account on our website, No one can get your personal data or information from us which you provide us while ordering.

Cookie facilities

WinsHosting is enable the cookies on its official website which is very useful for you. Through cookies use we can easily get your personal information and hardware information of your system like IP address which your interface. Cookie just provide the hardware information of your system it is not interact with your personal information like you name, contact number, etc. Cookies allows WinsHosting to customize your visit and save your important time to search us in next time or subsequent visits in our website.

Change in Privacy & Policy

You have to be aware of that all companies have authority to change their Privacies and Policies time to time. WinsHosting also have rights to change its privacy policy time to time. These policies should be change without inform any client or customer that’s why WinsHosting recommend all their customers and clients to take the review of our privacy after a month.

Sharing of Information

WinsHosting have rights to share your personal information to any person in case of any law order or breaking the rule and regulations of any state or country. We just provide your information after the confirmation of your involvement in the crime or other. We just share your information to only registered and approved government agencies in case of any unlawful orders we received relevant to your website. If you are running a fraud type website on our servers and we get any complaint or any notice from any government agency then WinsHostng have rights to suspend your website and provide your personal information to government agencies. Otherwise we keep your data and personal information save and secure, no one can steal it from us.

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