Reseller Hosting in Pakistan

We have small to extreme reseller hosting solutions for starters and pre-renowned hosting companies, If you are a developer or have started your business as host provider and your clients ask you for domain registration and hosting time to time, you are in need to acquire a reseller package despite buying shared hosting accounts because booking shared hosting for each client will cost you more and you will not manage their accounts yourself. On the other hand if you will buy a reseller hosting plan, you can set your own prices, can create your own plan, can limit things as per your wishes, can suspend and un-suspend client's accounts without our help. Usually there are two kind of reseller hosting interfaces with different operating systems, you must be clear what is yours and your client's requirements so view below the one for you.


Linux Reseller Hosting

All Php and specifically cPanel lovers can prefer to get a Linux Reseller hosting from WinsHosting in cheap rates which includes WHM easy to use interface with all necessary features to create and manage client's accounts, we are offering best re-seller hosting plans with top Linux/cPanel server options. Our cPanel re-seller control panel comes with white label name servers and with your own WHM logo so that you must be authenticated as company in front of your customers.

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Plesk Panel

Windows Reseller Hosting

Most of people who are not aware about hosting infrastructure think that it is the windows hosting which is their requirements to manage things online in easy manners but most of the time it is found not correct so we are sure that you must be aware about this fact and will consider buying Windows Reseller for hosting and managing clients with websites created in asp.net and Mssql Database with IIS requirements otherwise Linux would be the better choice.

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Web Hosting Reseller Program

There is a huge list of Tools and Features you will get in your reseller web account to ignite your own online website hosting business, Find below few of them.

Reseller Hosting with Company logo

Brand Your Company

With our reselling program you will get a label less interface, you may upload your company logo as provider to show off your customers.

Branded Name Servers

Branded Name Servers

We will always behind you even if one will try to fetch things through whois because you may assign your own name servers against domains.

Reseller Control Panel

Reseller Control Panel

Easy to use WHM interface would be available with all linux based accounts and Plesk Onyx Panel will power windows hosting accounts.

Hosting Features

DBs, Emails & Programming

MSSQL, MySql, Emails, Auto Responders, Redirections, Site Builders, Sub Domains, PHP, .Net with Different versions and much more.

one click application installer

One Click Apps

Our one click apps installation feature is free for you and your customers which is an addon and allow you to sell more.

reseller support

Quality Support

When you will stuck and things would be out of your control, knock us to support for you to handle your client's issues.

Reselling via WinsHosting Matters!

cPanel/WHM Reseller, Windows/Plesk Reseller, Three Packages, Quality Support, Great Pricing

Want to make trusted money online? are you thinking to establish a web hosting company in Pakistan? you are a developer and have a health amount of clients but currently unable to manage different hosting accounts from different companies? Your current hosting reseller is sucking? You need advanced hosting features and scripts in your hosting reseller account? Your current hosting reseller provider do not provide proper support or their prices are too high? Your small hosting company wants to grow by providing corporate services in low budgets? You need more flexibility? You want to issue separate control panels to your own clients through a white labeled reseller admin panel? You want WHM/cPanel Hosting Reseller as well as Windows / Plesk Panel Hosting reseller from same company?
You have reached at your destination!

reseller hosting in pakistan


We are launching cheap reseller hosting plans particularly for our local Pakistan based customers. Our reseller hosting offer is for those who are planning to begin a new web hosting service company or also for those who are currently using a reseller to host their client's website but worried due to down time of more costs. We are offering best reseller hosting packages in Pakistan with all the necessary tools and features that you can offer to your customers in your own way, simply all white labeled. Start your business with us to gain money as a Domain Hosting service provider in Pakistan or even on International level. We allow any interested persons to get our very low cost and in budget Windows / Linux cPanel Resellers plans, or even the both, depends upon ones requirements, to start their business or to boost and smooth the current hosting services business.

Our offers are exclusively for web designing & development firms and for individuals who are looking for best online physical business. Professional knowledge of our reselling industry means that we are fully aware of what is really needed to become a re-seller in Pakistan. We believe that customers are now often ask for different features and benefits to online services providers. That is why our current clients are very satisfied with our provided solutions. Each reseller hosting package contains 10 Days, 100% money back guarantee and 99.9% guaranteed uptime. Our rates are zero to setup a reseller server and there are also no hidden charges includes in our services. Honest and trustworthy partner retail will help you understand the problem. So, we hire the right people for the job, training, quality control and effective communication.

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