Terms and Conditions / Refund and Delivery Policy

WinsHosting all rights reserves to suspend an account at any time without any prior notice when it feels that the account holder is just going against the specified rules and moreover, we have zero tolerance against spamming, scanning, phishing, hacking and other activities like this. In such scenario responsible account would be suspended without any notification and will not be un-suspended. So consider not using nulled components and keep your scripts updated to avoid such happening.

Shared Web Hosting:

  • After registration of an account payment would be refundable within 30 days which does mean that your services must be terminated within 30 days, and also for that one has to present the exact reason of inconvenience.
  • There is no any refund on renewals and transfers at all.
  • There is no any refund if there would be any issue in the website of client and there would be no issue relevant to hosting side (Usually it happened when once website consumes more resources due to not optimized website or databases.)
  • Domain registration and setup charges are not refundable.
  • Account can be suspended even in the first month of registration and no refund would be admissible in the condition if some one found doing violation of company terms.
  • Whenever one will order for up-gradation of his/her web hosting package, he/she will pay PKR.500 (for 1 time) as setup charges including the difference of price in between packages.
  • Transfer charges of hosting from one server to another would be PKR.500
  • We usually do not change the hosting once created but in few cases it can be but for that one must have to pay PKR.500 as setup charges, renewal date for that hosting will remain as the hosting created before.
  • You are advised to save your backups time to time on your local systems to save yourself of being victimized by any serious damages because we cannot provide / assure you backups in case of any data loss or account deletion.
  • In this regard winshosting.com would not be responsible for any mishap as we advised you again to save your backups on your part.
  • You cannot keep backups on server, best practice is to download on your local system. created backups on server will be deleted after 7 days of creation so download them before deletion.
  • Account creation and sending details can take a time from 30 minutes to 24hrs after the conformation of payment.
  • We can create account only after the conformation of payment.
  • We have configured our servers with maximum renowned and necessary components and extensions which used for running most of the windows and linux application so we do not offer any custom configuration in that case we recommend you to have a VPS or a dedicated server.
  • To save yourself from worry about the disconnection you must renew your package before a week from expiry date.
  • No one can claim about the backup or hosting data after the expiry of package, it depend upon the wish of company whether it could provide or not.
  • If one is not satisfied with the services and want to get refund before the end of first month, we will refund but setup charges PKR.500 would be deducted along with the cost of the domain, one must keep this fact again that there must be presented a solid reason of inconvenience, in case of any issue raised not from hosting side, there would not be any refund, after satisfaction of an account refundable, setup charges and domain charges would be deducted and domain panel and authorization code would be delivered to the client and the remaining amount would be refunded.
  • You can use 100MB maximum space for your databases in all of our packages, if you need more than 100MB space, you will pay PKR.1000/100mb extra space.
  • There are no refund for the payment paid for renewal of services or upgradation of packages at all.
  • We Provide Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting and dedicated hosting to our customers, we gain these services from different data-centers throughout the world, so any terms enforced by Data-Centers will be automatically enforced on any user who bought web hosting from us.
  • In case one will wish to move hosting from us to other provider whether hosting expiry period will remain, after moving or changing hosting, whole account/data on server will be removed. Though before expiry period, one can revert and can get fresh hosting account till the expiry date so one should backup their complete data before changing name server or moving to another provider.


We can process your order only once our system will detect that you have made the payment whatever payment mean you was used. Once after confirmation, usually it take us an hour to deliver your ordered shared hosting services but maximum time of execution could take up to 24 hours.


In 1 GB Package one may use
Maximally 1 GB disk space only,
25 GB Traffic/month
CPU Usage 3-5%
60 emails in an hour or 500 mails in a day

In 5 GB Package one may use
Maximally 5 GB disk space only,
60 GB Traffic/month
CPU Usage 3-5%
60 emails in an hour or 500 mails in a day

In 10 GB Package one may use
Maximally 10 GB disk space only,
100 GB Traffic/month
CPU Usage 3-5%
60 emails in an hour or 500 mails in a day

In 300 GB Package one may use
Maximally 300 GB disk space only,
Unlimited Traffic/month
CPU Usage 3-5%
60 emails in an hour or 500 mails in a day


Better consider optimizing your websites to avoid over usage, we may alert few times for any over usage but if it will continue, we must have to suspend the responsible account and there may be no prior notification for such suspension. Moreover there are 5 add-on domains allowed in Business package, but those add-on domains can be used for personal domains but not against with those domains which belongs to any other registrant, If someone found violating this rule His / Her account could be suspend without notification, All the domains which you will add in your business package must be registered under us.

Things not allowed

  • Spamming
  • Backup is not allowed to save on the server
  • Third party content
  • Nulled scripts
  • Scamming Website
  • Copyright material
  • Hacked & Pirated software related websites
  • illegal Material
  • Adult Material
  • Contents for promoting any religion and sect.

In case of any miss use of not allowed things WinsHosting.com reserved all rights to delete or terminate your account any time without any notice. If someone doesn’t follow these terms her/his connection can be suspended without any notification and there would not any refund claim even it is lesser than 30 days of purchase.

Reseller Hosting:

  • All the above mentioned rules specified for shared hosting would be applied on all resellers.
  • Renewal payments of reseller package must be made at least 4 days before the expiry to resume services.

Dedicated Servers & VPS:

  • There is no refund after purchasing dedicated server or VPS but you may ask for refund if there would be any hardware issue.
  • As all the dedicated servers and VPS are un-managed, so you are to manage them yourself, if you wish us to assist you regarding configuration or to resolve any issue, their would be extra charges depend upon the nature of work.
  • All dedicated and virtual server's orders are processed manually so it can take from 6-72 hours for delivering credentials of your ordered machine.


  • At the time of registering a domain name, you have to provide this information so that we can register it under your ownership.
    1. Your name?
    2. Your company name?
    3. Phone number?
    4. Mobile number?
    5. Fax number?
    6. Your address?
    7. Postal address?
    8. Email Address?
  • Winshosting.com provides you the facility to renew your domain in advance or at the same time one can register a domain for more than one year.
  • There are certain domains which can be registered at least for two years like all the .pk domains can registered only for two years, for that customers have to pay the amount for two years.
  • No claim would be admissible by the client if the domain name registered by any one else before us or before registration a domain name was misspelled (provided by client).
  • In case of any internationalized or personal domain registration, We register domains under Your provided ownership details but as all the extension belong to different registries with different terms and conditions, so it is requested you to provide correct ownership information so that at the time of any verification asked by any registry, you would be in the position to prove, otherwise we would be not responsible for any suspension of your domain name.
  • If you have purchased any domain or package from our reseller or agent then in case of any inconvenience you have to connect to our agent or reseller but in certain cases company may take part for the purpose of defected solution.
  • As we took the payment for registering a domain for 1 year and in some cases for 2 years, so at the completion of full 1 year or 2 years or number of years for which a domain is registered by a client, if clients fails in paying renewal charges before the expiry period then client cannot claim his domain but it would be company will whether it allow to renew after expiry or not, we may even have the rights to transfer that domain to some one else without any permission from old client as the charges paid by old client consumed for one year or for number of years he did pay.
  • Domain panel or EPP Code can only be awarded if the client would become able to confirm the valid reasons for having them.
  • We can apply Domain ID Shield service or Privacy Protection upon your domain on your demand, one time for free and afterwards $3 US/request.
  • When a domain would be registered then it would not be possible to delete that, in that case you have to apply for new registration and there would not be any refund for that domain.
  • Upon applying registration of any domain name like gov.pk .edu.pk or any other domain for which authentication is required by registry via documents, there could be processing charges and in case some one will not be able to provide the complete docs and need refund then there could be services charges deduction.
  • We register domain through different registrars like domain.com, godaddy, resell.biz, PKNIC and many more, so all the terms and conditions enforced by these registrars, registries and ICANN must also be enforced to our clients and clients of our clients.
  • In case of any violation or illegalities or abuse found, we will suspend your domain immediately, later you can provide proof again the complaint that you did not violate any international and national rules, upon verification, if you will be able to provide relevant authenticated documents as per ICANN policy, domain may be unsuspended or otherwise, it can even be disabled or transferred away to other party as per ICANN decision. Current domain holder will not be able to ask for any refund, even he may have to pay if there will be any kind of plenty.
  • As per ICANN policy updates, ICANN is gradually verifying contact details of domains already registered and also those which would be registered in future, we register domains under client's ownership so you are requested to provide those contacts details which are correct and can be verified at the time of verification if ICANN ask for that. If upon ICANN requirement, one may fail to present proof for associated whois contact details, ICANN will suspend the particular domain under verification which cannot be renewed or transferred then. you may check your current domain whois here: https://whois.move.pk/ check whether you whois contacts details are updated or not, if not don't hesitate to contact us to get them corrected to avoid any inconvenience.


Usually, ordered domains are registered with an hour after confirmation of payment but it could take some more time depends upon the specific registry execution. Like edu.pk. gov.pk or such cctlds need documents verification so after verification of documentation by PK registry such extension take 5-7 days to be active but extensions like .com, .net, .org, .biz or most of generic suffix did not take more than a day.

Domain & Hosting Renewals

  • It is request all to renew domains before expiry date but if one would failed in renewing domain in time then there could be extra charges after expiry, depends upon the specific registrar's terms.
  • Domains & Hosting can be renewed through any agent or person but if at the time of renewal, ownership is needed to be changed then the person who came to renew or one who is paying renewal charges must ask us to correct/modify the contact information, so that further communication and correspondence can be made through.
  • There is a domain transfer fee of PKR.1000 for .com .net .org .info .biz which would be paid by domain accepter.

All these terms would also be applicable for new products, special offers and services. Winshosting.com has reserved the rights to revise its Terms, Conditions and policies at any time.