SSL Certificate in Pakistan

WinsHosting is only the hub who deals in SSL Certificates in Pakistan. You can get SSL certificates from us in very low price to Secure & Locked your website. We are providing different kind of SSL certificate to keep your browsing data safe & sound in a very unique way.

Get Low cost SSL certificates to Secure & Lock your website



  • Valid for One Domain
  • 1 Year Validity Period
  • Issued in 1 Hour
  • Most Common SSL Certificate
US$ 53/Year

Sub-Domains SSL

  • Valid for all sub-domains
  • 1 Year Validity Period
  • Issued in 1 Hour
  • 100% Trusted
US$ 199/Year

Multiple Domains SSL

  • Valid for 100 Domains
  • 1 Year Validity Period
  • Issued in 1 Hour
  • Most Professional SSL Certificate
US$ 135/Year

E-commerce SSL

  • Valid for 1 ecommerce website
  • 1 Year Validity Period
  • Issued in 1 Hour
  • FREE Corner of TrustLogo
US$ 149/Year

1.The renewal date for a certificate is within 90 days before expiry and 15 days after expiry of the certificate.
2.When generating your CSR for a Wildcard certificate, the character "*" must be used at the beginning of the Common Name, such as *
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SSL Certificate is Necessary Now!

As per google latest update, google is marking all page as insecure which would not be powered through SSL Certificates so now SSL is most important and necessary to show the world and your clients that your website is not harmful for them as well as to rank higher in search engines. keeping this fact in view we are offering cheapest SSL with installation on your website. keep in mind Installation is included, For more details about this current offer click the image below.

cheap ssl in pakistan

Requirements to install SSL Certificate on your website

It is a little difficult for a layman to install an ssl certificate on his/her website, there is a little technical knowledge is required for that but there are two must requirements prior to install ssl certificate your website.

Dedicated IP Address

Without a dedicated IP, you might be able to install ssl certificate but it will not show you as trusted with green bar or color and ask you for security risk.

Hosting Control Panel

You must have access to the hosting control panel of your website like cpanel, plesk panel or ssh access to install ssl certificate.