VPS Hosting in Pakistan

VPS hosting ensures the freedom to be the admin of your own data without any interference of any third party so acquiring virtual private server could be a best option to get online with full control and security. Now you may lease a VPS in Pakistan and manage it in your own way, you may install any of the operating system as per your own desire and requirement as well as make custom configuration, not only this but it is the primary solution to have the powers of dedicated server. If you need to run a custom application or in a need of specific extension which cannot be provided in shared hosting environment then keep in mind that Apache, PHP, Perl and MySQL which are the main requirement for publishing any application worldwide would be pre-installed with most of the operating systems. Not only this but if you running a hosting company and want to start boosting, consider having atleast a virtual machine for you, buy a cpanel/whm or Plesk panel to manage your shared hosting accounts. Keeping in view all the aspects we are offering different VPS hosting plans in Pakistan to start with one, you may upgrade your VPS plan at any time.

  • Linux VPS 1

    PKR 2799.00/month

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    Linux VPS Pakistan
    • intel cpu

      CPU Cores: 01

    • VPS Ram

      Dedicated Ram: 1 GB

    • vps hard disk

      Disk Space: 25 GB

    • vps bandwidth

      Traffic: 1000 GB

    • ip addresses

      IP Adress: 01

    • vps uptime

      Uptime 99.9%

  • Linux VPS 2

    PKR 4799.00/month

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    VPS Hosting in Pakistan
    • best vps cpu

      CPU Cores: 01

    • dedicated vps ram

      Dedicated Ram: 2 GB

    • hard disk

      Disk Space: 50 GB

    • bandwidth

      Traffic: 2000 GB

    • VPS IPs

      IP Adress: 01

    • vps uptime pakistan

      Uptime 99.9%

  • Linux VPS 3

    PKR 6999.00/month

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    VPS PK
    • Linux cpu

      CPU Cores: 01

    • Linux Ram

      Dedicated Ram: 3 GB

    • hard drive vps

      Disk Space: 75 GB

    • vps traffic

      Traffic: 3000 GB

    • IPs

      IP Adress: 01

    • up time guarantee

      Uptime 99.9%

  • Linux VPS 4

    PKR 8999.00/month

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    PK Linux VPS
    • Top VPS CPU

      CPU Cores: 01

    • Best Linux Ram

      Dedicated Ram: 4 GB

    • hard

      Disk Space: 100 GB

    • monthly traffic

      Traffic: 4000 GB

    • Free VPS Ip

      IP Adress: 01

    • uptime

      Uptime 99.9%

  • Linux VPS 5

    PKR 11,099.00/month

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    LINUX Hosting VPS
    • VPS Linux CPU

      CPU Cores: 02

    • Linux Dedicated Ram

      Dedicated Ram: 5 GB

    • hard disks

      Disk Space: 125 GB

    • monthly bandwidth

      Traffic: 5000 GB

    • IPs with Linux VPS

      IP Adress: 01

    • uptime guarantee

      Uptime 99.9%

  • Linux VPS 6

    PKR 13,199.00/month

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    Buy Linux VPS Pakistan
    • intel VPS

      CPU Cores: 02

    • Linux Best ram

      Dedicated Ram: 6 GB

    • hard disk of vps

      Disk Space: 150 GB

    • traffic for a month

      Traffic: 6000 GB

    • Free IP included

      IP Adress: 01

    • virtual uptime

      Uptime 99.9%


  • 1 Gbps DDoS

  • Root Access

  • Semi-Managed

  • Webmin
    $6 USD/month

  • DirectAdmin
    $11 USD/month

  • Fantestico
    $10 USD/month

  • Softaculious
    $5 USD/month

  • Extra Ips
    $5 USD/month

  • cPanel/WHM
    $19 USD/month

Virtual Private Server Features

We pre-build and maintained all the necessities you are looking for on your VPS server.

  • Quick Setup (3 Hours)
  • On demand OpenVZ | KVM
  • Latest Operating system versions
  • Variety of Linux OS's
  • Monthly, semi and annually pricing
  • Gigabit Network
  • IPV4 & IPV6
  • Fast IO - Never overloaded
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Instant reinstall
  • Cluster DNS
  • SSH Access

Cheap VPS Hosting in Pakistan

About 80% of world traffic is running through Linux OS and it is the best and cost effective alternative of a Linux Dedicated Server, so select one VPS plan which comes best to your needs and boost your Linux based dedicated hosting experience through the top quality of data center in the world. Linux / cPanel VPS hosting from Wins Hosting offers you an excellent high performance Virtual Private Server with the functions and beneficial properties you normally get into a dedicated server. All Wins Hosting virtual private servers are hosted on our fast performance data-centers located in different locations of the world. Our best Linux VPS hosting deals are amazing, trusted and are available in numerous ranges to match all of your requirements which may contain a private operating-system , control panel , complete root access , warranty uptime , and system options details , so Linux Virtual Private Server with cPanel interface is exactly what you are trying to find. Our VPS offers you management of your own self-managed hosting VPS, just like you guys had your own personal dedicated server. Our cheap VPS Hosting is a core solution for those who want to host their own websites, need to run specific application which cannot be ran under a shared hosting atmosphere or need to host client's multiple website by a web hosting provider. Wins Hosting's all cheap Linux VPS hosting plans offer precise levels of secured system resources and will give you complete root access to your own server. when you wish to buy VPS Hosting in Pakistan, We manage to deliver VPS with great reliability and affordability, with sure up time and features, you may Inquire about a Linux based Virtual Private Server.

VPS Hosting Support

We provide all of our linux based vps with semi-managed support for free through which you can get help against most of the basic issue arise in you VPS machine, you may use any of the below option to launch your complaint or request.

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