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Best Commercial Domain after .PK Extension.

Register cheap .com.pk domain in PKR.2499 | US$29

{Only for PK Locals, Price is different for International Users}
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.Com.PK Domain Registration Provider

The extension .com.pk blend of most commercial extension “.com” and high value Pakistani extension “.pk” This country specific domain only reserved for Pakistan. Second level domain of .PK domain perfect for country level website. In Pakistan for commercial purpose .com.pk domain is very commonly used. To target rapidly grouping internet audience it is a best choice for you to use .com.pk domain if you want your appearance on internet over Pakistan while you are running an organization, a business or any company in Pakistan.

Through .com.pk domain you will also represent your company throughout Pakistan. Nowadays, marketing strategies has been changed, popular search engine give values to local or domestic website that are geographically targeted. As compare to .com domain which is definitely over crowded you have chances to rank well if your website domain ends with .com.pk extension. This domain can be registered for minimum or for maximum period of two years, not less than this time limit. But, the process of .com.pk domain registration takes minimum an hour and if maximum then a week. All the rights to register the .com.pk domain are completely reserved for only PKNIC.

This domain .com.pk can be register for any purpose mainly for the commercial use however, you may use it for blogging as well. You can register this domain from any reseller of PKNIC. There are countless domain registration companies in Pakistan who deals in .com.pk domain, but many peoples got worried due to high rates and also due to the un-satisfaction of support.

In the list of .com.pk domain reseller, WinsHosting is on the top of the list who can register .com.pk domain in very cheap and best rates. The rates we provide for registration and renewal of .com.pk domain are same unlike other domain registration companies in Pakistan. For your own confirmation and satisfaction you can compare our rates for .com.pk registration or renewal with other resellers, you will observe the best on our part and get best service from only WinsHosting. Contact us from everywhere in Pakistan to registration of .com.pk domain with 24/7 technical and comfortable support.

.Com.Pk domain Name Transfer

You can transfer .com.pk from one account to another account. As .com.pk domain name is on second level country code for Pakistan and PKNIC have all the rights of renewal, registration and transfer of .com.pk domain name from one account to another. Mostly people use to transfer .com.pk domain from one service provider to another service provider because of high cost and poor support. The difference between renewal and registration price is another main cause. To transfer the .com.pk domain from one account to another, you have to provide an authority letter to PKNIC which comply on your current .com.pk domain holder’s company letter head, a copy of your CNIC and also a copy of your Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The registrant PKNIC ID number to whom you want to transfer your .com.pk domain name and also mention your domain ID number. WinsHosting allowed you to transfer your .com.pk domain name in our account to get the better technical support and cheap priced services. WinsHosting charges same to their client at the time of registration of .com.pk domain and renewal as well.

.Com.Pk Domain Name Renewal

WinsHosting cannot renew a .com.pk domain name before the period of two years and it is necessary for you to renew your .com.pk domain within the 15 days of expiration because after 15 days a period starts called probation period and in that period you can’t register your .com.pk domain and it only register after the completion of that probation period, but PKNIC provides you a facility through which you can register your .com.pk domain within 15 days after the expiration of .com.pk domain. You can renew your .com.pk domain name from any nearest PKNIC reseller. Being a top PKNIC reseller WinsHosting offering best and low rates of .com.pk domain. Compare our prices and then decide to get our services.

Benefits of .Com.PK Domain Registration

Most Secure Domain

Most Secure DNS system, there are no chances to be stolen or miss use your domain.

Globle Use

.Com.pk domain is perfect for targeting Pakistani intent audience throughout the world.

Domain in 1 hour

We are providing quickest Pakistani domain registration service in Pakistan, within an hours it will be yours.

Good for SEO

Perfect for targeting Pakistani Audience and also for rank well over the local search engines.

.Com.PK Domain Overview

Requirements for .COM.PK Domain

✔   Complete Name ✔   Postal Address
✔   Company Name ✔   Email Address
✔   Postal Code ✔   Contact No
✔   CNIC Copy ✔   Owner Signature

Restrictions On .COM.PK Domain Name

Min. Character: 04
Max. Character: 63
Numeric Character: Yes (Allowed)
Hyphen Character: Yes (Allowed)

.COM.PK Domain Facts

Launched: 1992
Registry/Sponsor: PKNIC
Status: Active
Domain name transfer: Available

.COM.PK domain registry information

Country: Pakistan
IDN support: YES
Additional Charges: NO
Restrictions: NO

.COM.PK Domain Price

Setup Charges: Free
Registration Charges: PKR 2499/2Yrs
Renewal Charges: PKR 2499/2Yrs
Domain name transfer: Documents Requirement

.COM.PK Registration Period

Registration period: 2 Years
Maximum Registration / Renewal period: 10 Years
Minimum Registration / Renewal Period: 2 Years
Registration delay: Instant

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Frequently Asked Questions about .Com.Pk domain

Why .com.pk can be registered atleast for 2 years?

As per PKNIC registry this domain can't be register for one year, Minimum registration period is 2 years, Its all about PKNIC policy.

.Com.PK domain available for Individuals?

Yes, any one from Pakistan or as an international user can register .com.pk domain.

Is .Com.Pk domain restricted or not?

As, this domain is second level top country code domain extension for Pakistan, there are some restrictions any Pakistani nationalist or legal entity can easily get register .com.pk domain.

Why need to register a .Com.Pk domain?

To establish a Pakistan based online website or emails for communicating and visibility to the world, representing as Pakistani Local or business company.

Can I change the domain name?

Once a domain get registered, its name can not be modified or deleted.

How soon can i use my domain

Once the Registry System has been updated, the information in our database is shared with the Internet's zone files worldwide then your domain would be available for use.