.Edu.PK Domain

Pakistan's stand alone educational domain.

Get PK educational site online in PKR.2900 | US$29

{Only for Pakistan based Institutions}

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.Edu.PK Domain Registration

WinsHosting provides .edu.pk domain registration service in Pakistan. This high end domain extension is one and only authentic source for representing educational passion to the people of Pakistan. Only reserved for authorized educational institute not even a single individual can register this domain unless he is authorized representative of registered educational firm and submit the required document. This web name is the way of checking the authentication of an educational organization as because this domain can’t be register by any individual that is not an authorized individual or employ of registered education instituted.

The basics of .Edu.pk are as the word .Edu derived from education, in view of educational terms that extension is used only for the educational purposes and is the best option or choice for educational institutes, schools, colleges and universities to appear on country level through internet. It cannot be used for the organizations other than educational and also it cannot be available for the commercial use. But, there is another domain that can be used for academic representation of an education website is .ac.pk extension. This domain have less restrictions and requirements even individuals and private academies can register domain easily. However, this educational based web name is very reliable domain in all over the Pakistan as specified only for registered educational institutes.

.Edu.pk domain can be transfer, renew and also registered through any reseller. PKNIC is the main sponsor and reseller of all .pk domains having all the rights of registration, renewal and transferring the domain from one account to another. It can be registered or renew for the minimum period of two years not less than two years. You cannot register or renew it for lesser than two years and maximum for 10 Years.

The process of registration of .Edu.pk domain name extension is a little bit different from other .pk domain name extension, as .Edu.pk domain is only designed for the educational institutes; it requires some documents for confirmation process. It needs the certificate of affiliation and registration of your institute which is necessary for registration of especially .Edu.pk domain extension.

You can register or renew your .Edu.pk domain through any reseller or sponsor of PKNIC. WinsHosting is the main reseller of .Edu.pk domain name extension all over Pakistan. Our price for .edu domain and renewal cost is same very low we also provides the fastest facilities to the subscriber.


You can transfer .Edu.Pk from one domain registration company in Pakistan to another. PKNIC main registry/sponsor of .pk domain have rights reserved for renewal, registration and transfer of this Pakistani 3rd level domain name from one account to another. The moving process for .Edu.Pk domain start with writing a authority letter by the current domain registrant. Only owner can rite this letter. Institute letter head Is mandatory with institute’s stamp or seal. CNIC of registrant, a copy of Principal’s CNIC and You should provide the registered PKNIC ID number to whom you want to transfer this particular name space and also mention your domain ID number.

Wins hosting allowed you to transfer your .Edu.Pk domain name in our account to get the better technical support. Normally clients move their domain from one account to another due to over billing for domain and hosting however poor support also another big reason. WinsHosting also take same charges from their client at the time of registration. So, you can trust us as we have 10 year of working experience in respective field


You can renew your .Edu.Pk domain easily because there is no any requirement is necessary for renewal. Do this process by yourself using PKNIC card, or using by us. Wins hosting is a big reseller of PKNIC, which provide you the facility of renewal in very best and low price. Give new life to your college, Univeristy or School website for the period of minimum two years.


To register a .Edu.Pk, you should have Pakistani Nationality. Proper documentation are require as stated in this page. The Edu.Pk domain could not register for any illegal process. All the educational institutes and universities can register this institutional extension from any PKNIC reseller like us or directly from PKNIC. This domain not for individual or commercial purposes. The .Edu.Pk domain can only be register for educational institutes, not other than educational. Wins hosting also a big reseller of PKNIC domain through which you can easily register, transfer or can renew your .Edu.Pk domain.

.Edu.PK Domain Registration Benefits

Authentic Source

This domain is most authentic way to figure out the passion of an educational institute.

Not A Commercial domain

It’s truly reserved for educational institutes, any kind of commercial use is forbidden by registry.

For Legal Entities

As because this domain require a proper documentation that’s why this domain can’t be misused at all.

Domestic Domain

Only authorized Pakistani institutes (Educational) can request to register .edu domain.

.Edu.PK Domain Overview

.Edu.PK Domain Requirements

✔   Full Name ✔   Postal Address
✔   Institute Name ✔   Email Address
✔   Institute Letter Head ✔   Contact No
✔   Institute Registration Copy ✔   Institute Stamp
✔   Principle CNIC Copy ✔   Principle Signature

Restrictions for .Edu.Pk Domain

Min. Character: 04
Max. Character: 63
Numeric Character: Yes (Allowed)
Hyphen Character: Yes (Allowed)

.Edu.PK Domain Facts

Launched: 1992
Registry/Sponsor: PKNIC
Status: Active
Domain name transfer: Available

.Edu.Pk domain registry information

Country: Pakistan
IDN support: YES
Additional Charges: NO
Restrictions: YES

.Edu.PK Domain Price

Proceessing Fee: PKR 500
Registration Charges: PKR 2900/2Yrs
Renewal Charges: PKR 2900/2Yrs
Domain name transfer: Yes (Allowed)

.Edu.PK Registration Period

Registration period: 2 Years
Maximum Registration / Renewal period: 10 Years
Minimum Registration / Renewal Period: 2 Years
Activation delay: 7-10 Days

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FAQ - About .Edu.PK domain

Who can Register .EDU.PK domain?

Any Legal entity, registered educational institutes in Pakistan can get register .edu.pk domain.

What is the registration time period for .Edu.PK domain?

.pk domain name takes 1 to 2 hours for registration and maximum one day it requires. Minimum registration period is 2 years.

Is .Edu.Pk domain restricted or not?

Yes, as its second level top country code domain extension for Pakistani legal educational entities this domain can't be registered by individuals.

Why we need to register a .Edu.Pk domain?

To be different than other Pakistani domains, edu.pk domain is specifically used for registered/affiliated institutions of Pakistan.

Documents reuqire for .Edu.pk domain registration:

Application in educational institute letterhead, Registration certificate issued by government, CNIC card of Institute's head or Principal.

Can I change the domain name?

Once a .PK Domain will be registered, its name can not be modified, edited or deleted.