.GOG.PK Domain

Country Code Domain, Special for Gilgit Baltistan Province.

Buy Gilgit Baltistan's domain in PKR.2499 | US$29

{Only Departments of Gilgit Baltistan Govt can register this domain}
  • gog.pk biltastan govt domain name

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.GOG.PK Domain Registration

Another domain extension that is addition in the list of second level country domain for Pakistan. The Gog.pk government domain extension for beautiful Gilgit Baltistan. This tourism destination considered as most visit destination. Various government departments and tourist sector that works under the governance of Government now adopting Internet technology to communicating general public as well as inter departmental communication. There are few companies who are providing .gog.pk domain registration service in Pakistan and Gilgit-Baltistan, WinsHosting top of the list in this regard. We cost standard charges to our domain registration client’s weather they are individual or high end Government Institute. They consult us to register any domain including country code domain and common domains like .com as well.

Government Institute, organizations and departments belonging to the Gilgit Baltistan can register .Gog.pk domain name extension for the period of minimum two years from us. PKNIC actually the main governing body of all government domain extension for Pakistan, the gog.pk domain registration, renal and transfer operation also under the control of PKNIC, although registry has allowed some reseller to fare operation of .pk domain registration, WinsHosting is at the top of reseller of PKNIC, We are been serving domain registration company in Pakistan since 2007, handling registration, renewal and transfer .Gog.pk domain more professionally. Furthermore, wins hosting provides you the best and lowest rates of registration and renewal of all .pk domains. The charges of registration and renewal of .Gog.pk domain name extension are always same.

For the process of registration and renewal of .Gog.pk domain name extension you should have to provide some requisite information for the confirmation and verification of regarding institute, organization or departments. Without the required documentation you cannot register or renew your .Gog.pk domain name extension. The .Gog.pk domain name extension cannot register or transfer on international level because it is only Pakistani domain name extension and also prominent for the Gilgit Baltistan.


The .Gog.pk domain name extension is only designed for Government departments of Gilgit Baltistan, If you already register this domain and never satisfy with the quality of service your host deliver to you then transfer .Gog.pk domain name extension. Registry has allowed customers to transfer any .pk domain including .gop.pk from one account to another from any reseller or sponsor of PKNIC. You have to provide an authority letter to PKNIC from your company letter head which already been registered for .Gog.pk domain name extension, also a copy of your director or equivalent Officer / (CEO), a copy of your CNIC and you should provide the registered PKNIC ID number to whom you want to transfer your .Gog.Pk domain name and also mention your domain ID number. Wins hosting is a big and main reseller of PKNIC which allowed you to transfer your .Gog.pk domain name to get the better technical support.


The .gog.pk domain holder can renew.Gog.pk domain from PKNIC or any reseller r or sponsor of PKNIC. As the .Gog.pk domain name extension can be renew after two years of registration because after two years it cannot be renew after the completion of probation period which starts after 15 days of expiry. There are many reseller and sponsors of PKNIC are available in all over the Pakistan, Wins hosting is a big reseller of PKNIC, which provides you the facility of renewal in very low price consult us to do this operation. You can renew your .Gog.pk domain name extension yourself by purchasing the renewal PKNIC prepaid card and enter it. Purchase PKNIC renewal card from WinsHosting in same price. We offer you the same price of renewal and registration on all the .pk domains.


As .Gog.pk is only reserved and fixed for the Government departments and organization as well as the Institutes of Gilgit Baltistan. You should have the CNIC of Pakistan at the time of registration of .Gog.pk domain because this domain name extension cannot register internationally. You cannot register .Gog.pk domain for any illegal process or work. The .Gog.pk domain is reserved only for the departments and organizations for the Government of Gilgit Baltistan, that’s the reason you cannot register .Gog.pk domain name extension for individual use or other than institutes and departments other than the Gilgit Baltistan. You should have to provide the requisite information at the time of registration of .Gog.pk domain name extension. However, detailed eligibility criteria has been mentioned in this page below

.GOG.PK Domain Registration Features

Govt. Domain

WinsHosting providing .gob.pk domain after complete documentation, no one can misuse your domain.

Reserved Domain:

GOG.Pk domain is designed for only registered Gilgit Baltistan government institutes and departments.

Ontime Support

WinsHosting as top domain registrar in Pakistan providing every instant domain & hosting support.

Territorial Domain

Only governing institutes and organization of Gilgit Baltistan can request for .gos.pk domain registraration.

.GOG.PK Domain Overview

.GOG.PK Domain Requirements

✔   Full Name ✔   Postal Address
✔   Department Name ✔   Email Address
✔   Department Letter Head ✔   Contact No
✔   Department Registration Copy ✔   Department Stamp
✔   Director/CEO CNIC Copy ✔   Director/CEO Signature

Restrictions On .GOG.PK Domain Name

Min. Character: 04
Max. Character: 63
Numeric Character: Yes (Allowed)
Hyphen Character: Yes (Allowed)

.GOG.PK Domain Facts

Launched: 1992
Registry/Sponsor: PKNIC
Status: Active
Domain name transfer: Documentation Process

.GOG.PK domain registry information

Country: Pakistan
IDN support: YES
Additional Charges: NO
Restrictions: YES

.GOG.PK Domain Price

Processing Charges: PKR 500
Registration Charges: PKR 2499/2Yrs
Renewal Charges: PKR 2499/2Yrs
Domain name transfer: Yes (Allowed)

.GOG.PK Registration Period

Registration period: 2 Years
Max Registration / Renewal period: 10 Years
Min Registration / Renewal Period: 2 Years
Activation delay: 7-10 Days

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FAQ - About .GOG.PK domain

Is .GOG.PK domain restricted or not?

.GOG.Pk is reserved for the Government Institutes, Depatments and orgnizations of Gilgit Bultistan, Pakistan After mndetery dcomentation ty can register .gog.pk domain from us.

Who Can register .GOG.PK domain?

Gilgit Baltistan registered institutes, organizations and legal entities can register .gog domain.

.GOG.PK Registration time period?

.Gob.pk domain name takes 1 to 2 hours for registration and 6 to 7 days for its activation. Minimum registration period is 2 years.

Why .GOG Domain?

To represent as authentic and register Gilgit Baltistan's Government institute or organization this domain considered as perfect.